Trends Quality

Hey everyone!

I know I've left the blog behind for more than a year! But you know work and studies are most times difficult to put together, not to mention the amazing amount of time that takes running a blog. But I've decided to keep running it even if I can't post as much as I used to. 

Therefore... I'm excited to present Hannah's - Trends Quality! Keep reading to know more about this new project!

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- Hannah's


New in. SS15 part II

Let's start the day with this positive message! And after a couple cups of tea, we can keep on with the day. As promised, this is the second and last part of our sales shopping. Hope you like it!


New in. Sales SS15 - I

Ok ok ! Let's do this! Only good thing about this heat waves is that I get to stay at home and have a little time to update the blog! I have soo much to tell you guys, starting with the men fashion weeks, to new trends for fall/winter 16!


MFSHOW Men Madrid

I'll put up more pics and info during this week. Sorry for the delay guys!

Hope you like it because I enjoyed working at it so much!

- Hannah's Heels


Be feared

Let's re-open the blog again with this simple but real quote "A girl that runs in high heels should be feared". Don't you agree?

High heels give you more confidence, and confidence is the main reason of success! There you go, it's only maths! ,