Wear it Kimono

We all have heard about this exotic trend, the typical oriental garment straight from Japan: kimono. They have left the luxurious palaces from Orient to your wardrobe, I bet you already have one of these at least! 

Wether if you or don't, I really feel like showing you the best street style and some wish-list of my own. Hope you enjoy it and have a great weekend! 

Kimonos have conquered me, wether as the traditional piece or reinvented as a thin jacket accessorizing your outfits and make them unique. They mix the femininity of the geishas and the strength of the samurái warriors, making it perfect for a powerful woman! 

Kimonos come in different versions: ethereos, as a blouse, in silk... But the most common this season are the ones with floral prints

You can dress either elegant or in a boho style, kimonos are way too moldable. Try and add them to your basic outfits and you'll see amazing results!

Here there is some of the best street stylers that already learned how to wear Kimonos

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Wide sleeves, ethereal textures and simply elegance. This is the must-have shopping list to get you the perfect kimono
Trafaluc / Trafaluc / Zara
White and floral. These seem to be perfect for the spring. Add some warm and earth tones for a boho outfit. 

River Island  //  Primark
Warm colors for summer seems just right! Match them with dark colors and some flats to get a chic look!

Zara // Pull&Bear
Cold tones to fight the heat will make your outfit unique. Match them with some classic heels, bright jeans or a short skirt and a bright top. 

-Hannah's Heels

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  1. I am totally going crazy with this one trend , just orders the second last one you showd
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  2. Hello from Spain: great proposals about Kimono. Keep in touch

  3. I so want to add a kimono to my closet.

  4. I think the idea of incorporating kimono to the modern style is just great.


  5. I really need one of these to my closet for the summer.:) thank you for the inspirating post!

  6. I am in love with kimonos these days :)

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  8. cute Kimono collection
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  9. Love your post, and love kimonos! xx


  10. Me gustan todos cari! Muy buena selección. BeSoooos

  11. Me encantan los kimonos.



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