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I've been wanting to show you these pictures for a while. I already told you about our blogger visit to Promodelia showroom. They held an amazing and delicious brunch while showing us the collections of all the designers that they host, but the best thing was the introduction of the collections of Ava Pret-a-Porter.

He querido enseñaros estas fotos desde hace un tiempo. Como os comenté, algunas bloggers fuimos a un brunch en el Showroom de Promodelia. Nos enseñaron las colecciones de todos los diseñadores a los que representan, pero lo mejor fue la presentación de la colección de Ava Pret-a-Porter con su diseñadora Amparo.

Empezamos la jornada con un delicioso brunch poniéndonos al día, conociéndonos y hablando sobre temas de moda, sobre todo relacionadas con los blogs.

We started this event with a delicious brunch catching up, knowing each other and talking about some fashion matters, especially related to fashion blogs.

Amparo is not only an amazing designer, but a lovely person. She spent a lot of time for us to know her last collections: retro and minimalistic. 

Amparo no sólo es una diseñadora increíble, sino una persona encantadora. Nos dedicó mucho tiempo para que conociésemos sus últimas colecciones: una retro geométrica y otra más minimalista.

She loves all her clients, and spend a lot of time with each of them to find the perfect silhouette and shape that would fit them perfectly. Her whole line is very feminine and adapts to every kind of style.  

Amparo has a great sense of style, and loves her job so much. She puts a lot of effort into finding the perfect fabric to make her designs unique. She even picked the same pattern than Burberry! So you can see what a good eye she has!

Amparo tiene un gran sentido del estilo y le encanta su trabajo. Dedica mucho esfuerzo para encontrar la tela perfecta para hacer sus diseños únicos y originales. Incluso escogió el mismo tejido que Burberry! Así de buen ojo tiene!

I loved all her designs, but I picked my favorites of course! I hope I can keep posting about her because I really liked her collections.

The best thing was how she treated us! She told us about her proffesional experience and her journey to get where she is now. What a hard worker!! This is what motivates me the most!

Fotos de: www.teresafraile.com

I really have to mention the great treat of the staff from Promodelia Showroom. They were great to us and gave us a great opportunity to keep growing! Hope we can go to visit sometime soon :)

-Hannah's Heels

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