It's getting more and more noticeable that social media is becoming the new called term "micro-blogging". Through it, fashionistas share content and interact with their readers better and way faster than through blogs.

I bet that you, as a blogger, have noticed this fact: less comments on your post, but way more likes or followers in social media. And as a reader, you also interact with your social network way more this way.

Well, that's the Web 2.0! But since 2006, we've been discussing about how this is developing to the well known Web 3.0! Communication is based on artificial intelligence, apps, data base... and so is Marketing online.

A blog is part of social network, but it's getting more obsolete since it takes more time and planning and more quality, it hasn't develop as much as the other social media. So fashion bloggers need to support themselves  through this platforms and extend their reach over these ways: sharing more personal content, probably with less quality but way more often (time is everything nowadays!)

So this is my way to say: Insta feed!! 

- Hannah's Heels

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  1. Good morning lovely!

    I love all the pics, and the pillow with the text it's funny! :)

    Have a nice day


  2. great post! adore your striped shirt!


  3. I always enjoy looking at your IG pictures.

  4. I think microblogging is a very powerful tool for business. Just have to learn how to use it. Great post.


  5. what a great post, i agree with you, social media is the way! xx
    Instagram @littleprettymess

  6. Hello from Spain: great pics. Very original and cool. Keep in touch


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