Extra long in Vests

I'm not sure if this is going to become a trend for next season, but I surely do love it! A long vest is for sure a good investment, no matter what season, it always looks chic and trendy.

Take a look to how this fashionistas wear long vests!

For Spring and Summer is easy to combine, but for Fall and Winter we need a little bit more of creativity and imagination to match it good and defeat the cold. Take a look to how to wear long vest!

Wear it with long sleeved sweaters and a skirt with tights, or with long pants and blouses so you can survive these cold days that are to come. Always remember that accessories are the key to make an outfit unique!

- Hannah's Heels

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  1. I'm a huge fun of vest. So I really digging this long vest look.

  2. Hello from Spain: great proposals .. We keep in touch

  3. Vaya, no tengo ningún chaleco así! Tendré que comprarme alguno porque me encantan!

  4. Love this trend and the top one with the faux fur is amazing!


  5. Magnífica selección!!!
    Un beso


  6. Una selección muy chula. Ojala pudiera quedarme en Madrid pero por el momento mi base tiene que ser Sevilla. Besos guapa

  7. I like this trend very much. I have one already. Kisses and thanks for your comment on my blog:)

  8. Super!
    Have an amazing monday!

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  9. Fahion enough, I like all of them, sepecial the second one.


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