Furious Fur

Like every Fall/Winter season, there are trends that always come back: earth tones, military, wine... But a especial one is fur. We see it in all kind of garments like boots, coats, parkas, bags, even dresses... But my favorite are those tops that are made of it (or want to look like it).

I think it looks really elegant but cool and chic at the same time! And in cold places like here in London, it's a must have even in August! (yeah..!)

Hope you all liked it! I'll be posting more of these on my social network to let you know where to get the best pieces in the market!

- Hannah's Heels 

8 comentarios:

  1. I love furry things! (but fake fur)


  2. this is my fav trend for winters, love fur
    keep in touch

  3. I'm so adding a fur vest to my closet this year.

  4. A mi la verdad es que es una tendencia que no me termina de convencer...


  5. Love this trend, aro so chic!

  6. I've been dying to buy furry coat since last year but everytime I try it on my boyfriend always stop me and say I loook like a furry dog. I might bite the bullet this year though as I saw many cute one.

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin


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