Train insane or Remain the same

There are many quotes that I could point out right here to state a motivation, and most really helped me to keep training. One was "Be stronger than your strongest excuse", and that's what I tell myself everytime I try to skip training or eat a little sweet. And it works (most times!).

You can keep working out for happiness, for health, for confidence, satisfaction, skinny jeans, crop tops or bikinis... You can find infinite reasons but at the end, just do it FOR YOU!

I don't normally work out outside, but it's been pretty nice these days and I visit this park almost daily so, one day I just picked up my friend and decided to move our asses!

First things first, you need to stretch out in the right way so that you will avoid future injuries, and believe me, you don't want that!  Afterwards, you can warm up with some cardio for a while and then you can start to tone. Always remember to stretch at the end too!

Top: H&M sports  //  Sport bra: Lefties  //  Pants: Decathlon 

- Hannah's Heels

10 comentarios:

  1. Be stronger than the strongest excuse, wow, great motivational quote,
    i need to start working out too
    Happy sunday

  2. go go go!! hehe you are beautiful!!!! xxoo


  3. Me encanta tu top fluor!

  4. Totalmente!!! Yo voy al gimnasio casi todos los días, para mantenerme en forma pero me liberera el estrés también. Besos guapa

  5. Cool!

    There's a new post online, I'm waiting for you!

    ( BUZZOOLE is serching for new bloggers,try it!)

  6. Muy buena frase!!! Perfecta para recordarla cuando estamos a punto de caer en alguna tentación!

    Ánimo y a seguir con el entrenamiento!

    Un besito.



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