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You all know that I've been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots for a while now, and no matter how much I looked for, I could never find The Ones. But after giving up, without even looking, I found them in Parfois. I guess that's one of the examples I was talking about two posts ago: what has to come, will come =)

These are my little treasures of the month!

 Wine and white scarf: Zara  //  Black scarf: H&M  //  Dress: Zara  //  Ankle boots: Parfois  //  Bracelets: Bershka  //  Stripped top: Zara

And it wasn't only those booties, I also found the perfect maxi scarves. I wasn't looking for anything specific, I was just tired of getting sick! First, I saw the wine one from Zara standing out from all the rest and I couldn't help but fall in love with it! Then I checked out the rest and I gotta admit it was a little bit more difficult to choose the white scarf from all the rest, but I'm pretty happy with my choice!

The delicate golden bracelets were an impulsive shopping of last minute, I wasn't even paying attention, but I saw them all together in a corner and I knew they had to be mine. Actually, you saw them in my last outfit here.

You know how obsessed I am with pearls, so I won't even explain the earrings =D It's like a put all the last trends on my shopping, but it was actually all pure coincidence.

The stripped blue shirt was actually a need! I'm running out of tops to wear since my sisters keep taking them from me.. And kind of the same with the long wine dress. 

- Hannah's Heels

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  1. these bracelets are sooo cute! i love them :))
    love, catlée


  2. Love, love, love!!!!
    The earrings are so cute!!!


  3. Love those boots, so cute :)
    Such great clothing you got!


  4. I love all of these! The clasps on the ankle boots are so quirky and I love love love the stripy top :D

    Fab choices with the scarves as well! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. Love all your choices - I'm seriously in need of some new knitwear! I love pairing pretty jumpers with statement necklaces at this time of year xx

    One Little Vice - UK Beauty Blog

  6. Que bonito todo
    un besito

  7. your pick up some nice items. I love the double pearl earring you picked up.

  8. OMG! I love the scarves! I think I'm getting a bit crazy with them ;)



  9. love all the pieces! especially the jewellery and the boots! following you now via GFC and bloglovin <3


  10. Me encantan todas las compras.
    Besos. http://thediaryofmycloset.blogspot.com.es/

  11. i love hauls!
    i choose navy t-shirt and jewelry

    un saludo!

  12. Love everything!!
    Love your blog too :D
    Check my blog and if you want we can follow each other*
    xx, A Be-atriz


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