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Sales came earlier than ever here in Spain, starting the 2nd of January! So we could do all our Christmas shopping in time. Traditionally, we give each other presents on the Epiphany more than in Christmas, but you know what I mean. So this is what I got this year for being a very good girl!!

Dress from H&M in an electric blue color than I love! And these galactic shorts from Zara which are very comfortable but very challenging to match! I'll save them for Fashion Week! :D 

Covers and pillows from Zara Home to renew my bed as well! I was looking for a neutral color as pale pink or soft gold to match my room, and it had to be in wide vertical lines. This is the most similar I could find, but I'll keep looking!

Dress up pants in black from Mango and a super soft fur sweater from H&M which I think I won't ever take off :D

Sporty clothes from Primark, Forever21, H&M and Oysho. It's time to take it real serious! I was looking for some lifting gloves I saw in Primark but they seem to have flied and I can't find them anywhere... I'm also looking these arm bands to carry my phone while I run or go rollerblading but I think I will get that from my Secret Santa *-* At least that's what I hope!

White bag from Zara and simple basic stilettos from Mango (mine got broken! Saad)

And some shirts from Mango! They were very needed even though they are all sleeveless... 

Hope you all had great presents and a great sales shopping too! 

- Hannah's Heels

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  1. Very pretty! you got wonderful things in you dearest!!!!

    love lots,


  2. u got quite a lot huuh, the metallic shorts are so cool

  3. Me encanta el vestido en azul eléctrico de HyM y los shorts galácticos de Zara.
    Un beso guapa.


  4. Me encanta todo. Los "galactic shorts" me han enamorado y el bolsito blanco también.

    Yo aún no he ido de rebajas. Cuando llegue no habrá nada...

    Besos mil preciosa!!

  5. Wow I love all the pieces!!! You have such elegant taste!! I would love it if we could follow each other!!



  6. Geniales compras!!! me encanta la ropa deportiva, yo también tengo que hacerme con una remesa de camisetas para el gim!

  7. Unos regalos estupendos. No te quejarás...

    Un besito.


  8. Nice post 😊👍🔝 Love your blog

    Instagram: SISSIHOPE

  9. Wow that's amazing. I love the stilettos! http://valley-of-the-dollss.blogspot.sk


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