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Sorry guys for not being able to post as much as usual, I've been gone on vacation to the US but I'm on my way back, already leaving Los Angeles on my way to London! And with all the Fashion Weeks and Fashion Shows showing up, we'll be more than busy! So there won't be any more lack of posts!

So I got a couple things that I'd like to share.. First of all is that I'm going to work at the Fashion Week of Madrid. I'm super excited to have such an amazing experience and I'll also be able to keep you more updated! So get ready for a lot of fashion news and trends!

And secondly, I wanted to show you one of my papers of my Master on Marketing and Communication of Fashion and Luxury: a collage of the three different lines of Burberry. 

We got to do a deep research on the firm and after that we had to point out the differences of the lines on a first visual look. What do you think of mine?

Burberry Prorsum: it's the line that walks into the fashion shows, high quality, with way more technical fabrics, cachemir and leather for example. It keeps the identity of the brand but with a huge touch of elegance of the haute couture. It aims to a high purchasing power public with exquisite likes. It's the most fashion forward collection, providing inspiration for the brand.

 Burberry London: The tailored collection, typically what customers wear on weekdays for work. It's a the classiest line of the firm, based on the well known Burberry trench, the plaid print and fabrics like wool. It aims to a classic and conservative public that values luxury and the scent of the brand. It looks more like working and practical clothing. 

Burberry Brit: it's the newest line of the firm, based on a much younger public, sporty and with vocation for technologies, keeping the luxury scent and a trendy touch. It uses less sophisticated materials like nylon, but always keeping the values and quality of the brand. It's the most casual collection, typically worn on the weekends.

- Hannah's Heels

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  1. congrats on going to working at fashion week

  2. Hello from Spain: Great brand. Very nice and elegant. Keep in touch


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