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Fashion Week is here! Like I told you yesterday, I'll be working at the Madrid Fashion Show, and we'll try to go to the Paris Fashion Week as well (4-11 March). And like always, I like to post about what I would really like to see in other blogs or in the internet in general, and what I want to see now is inspirational outfits to attend the Fashion Week!

I've heard many different tips to get a perfect fashion show outfit, but I still think, there's nothing better than being faithful to your own style and being comfortable (as if you can't really stand heels for hours, don't wear them! There are really chic outfits on flats too!)

That your look reflects your personality is very important. Wearing something we wouldn't really wear just to get snapped or get someones attention doesn't feel right. Being faithful to yourself is the most attractive quality. 

I don't normally prepare my outfits with days in advance, it's normally up to my daily mood (and my clean clothes, had to be honest), but it's always nice to have some inspiration to get your own ideas set up.

So here are the street style I like the most to wear for a Fashion Week.

Matchy Match - This kind of combination puts up together two pieces of the same print or color. You can see examples of a long skirt, short skirt, pants, flats and heels. It is a fun choice because you get to combine it in many different ways, but always keeping in mind that the matchy prints are supposed to stand out.

From the first outfit I really like the minimalist colors and how clean it look- black, white and nude is always a win! From Miroslava Duma's outfit  I like the electric tone of blue plus the neoprene fabric combines with a big statement necklace and a satchel mini bag - none of these accessories take the leadership of the total outfit, instead, the matchy print does. From the third outfit, I love the tuxedo shape in one caramel color with only white accessories - nothing else but a tuxedo! The masculine shape plus the sporty look is a win for this fashionista, and a total must worn. 

BFF's match - Nothing is more fun that attending to all these fashion shows than going with your BFF, more over if you two wear matchy outfits! As in prints, fabrics or just same tone of colors.

You have to agree with me than the first couple looks just adorable with the same print and same shaped outfits, including the shades. You can also wear same kind of fabrics like denim over denim like the second couple, or just the same colors like the third girls.

Stand out - You can't really overdo your outfit, but you certainly don't want to underdress either. It's important to keep a balance to stand out. Even if it's a outstanding print, a bright colored color piece or following a few trends at once.

Stripes are my weakness and mixed with this barroque printed tube skirt is just perfect - complements are not too big or thunder taking, so that the attention is focused on the mixed prints. The second outfit would be described as purely simple and basic if it wasn't because of that bright red coat - oversized and masculine shaped surely takes all eyes to it. The third outfit stands out by its trendy nature - showing off your shoulders mixed with a tied up dress is a winning combination. 

Minimal oversized - All these outfits have something on common: oversized pieces, clean and unpolluted lines and minimal colors (black, white and nude). 

I have to admit that I love palazzos, even if they don't really fit my body shaped, I like how they look in other fashionistas - this color in particular looks amazing in a palazzo shape, mixing the elegance of the pants with the rocky style of the biker. No more accessories need to be added, the outfit speaks for itself. 

For the second outfit, it's needless to say how much I love extra long vests, but this one really got into my eye because of its color and materials. This piece shouldn't really be matched with any other outstanding piece or it would lose its impact - so just jeans and a tee seems like the best combination! 

This last outfit stays on the minimal line by using just nude neutral colors - just a sweater and the skirt mixed with the Panama Jack boots would be a perfect minimal outfit, but adding the oversized nude coat made it trendy!

Simple and chic - We've heard this a lot, and it's completely right. Like I said before, it's needed to stay balanced with the overdo of your choices, but just a simple pair of skinny pants and a tank top can be as chic as any other outfit. Remember that the accessories change the total impression of the outfit.

In the first case, an oversized cape mixed with those black skinny pants can be perfectly pulled out. Jeans and a shirt is as impacting as any other, especially when you wear them ripped and with a colored statement necklace. Monochromatic outfits are said to be boring are over used, but far from the truth are the most fun to combine - you can match it in several ways or with just a printed coat.

Flat your way up - I always liked walking on high heels, but since I injured my knee, I haven't been able to wear them as much, and that's when I started researching about all kind of flat shoes outfits. Sneakers, ballerinas, ugly shoes... There't a plenty variety of flat shoes you can wear to your chic outfit.

Masculine oxfords matching a shirt shaped dress and a light cape alone could not look as good as we thought, but adding the right accessories like a fringed bag, outstanding socks, a western hat and your favorite shades could make the total outfit the star of the street style. 

A turtle neck nude sweater mixed with jeans and matching flats is also a perfect way to prove how you don't really need heels to look glamorous. 

And I know that these ugly shoes have their haters, but I honestly love them to the fullest! They can change a whole outfit and let's admit they look super trendy. Added to this monochromatic outfit makes them stand out and for everyone to know, they are the MOST comfortable shoes I've ever worn, it's like walking in a cloud... So if you really can't stand heels but want to stay for hours looking cool, these are your best option. 

What all of these outfits have in common is that they are all clean, fresh and unpolluted! The ones I like the most are the minimal outfits. You really don't need anything fancy to be chic! 

You also have to keep in mind to make pure sense when you're dressing, match your outfit with the right hairstyle is much more important than many people think to give the right impression with the whole look. Adding the right accessories surely changes how your outfit will stick together. And I'm not really one to talk about make up, since I really don't use much of it, but I have to admit that a bad make up can ruin a great outfit.

So let's just agree than clothing, accessories, hairstyle and make up are the main pieces of a successful outfit.

- Hannah's Heels

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  1. Estupenda selección de fotos. Ideas muy inspiradoras.

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  2. I'm going to be in Paris this year when fashion week is happening.

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  4. I'm a minimal oversize style lover! Such a great inspiration!


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