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I started working at the Madrid Fashion Show yesterday, and luckily I was able to watch every runway from the front row! It's been an amazing experience so far, even though I got tonsillitis after a really cold day!

So I wanted to share it with you guys! Unfortunately, I run out of battery for the last show - which was the one I loved the most.. Bad luck happens..  But I hope you enjoy the rest!

Remember there's a little inspirational post here if you're not sure what to wear for a fashion show!

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So this is the summarize I've been working the night on. I tried to put on as much detail as I could. My favorite designers of this first season are Mónica Cordera, Jorge Acuña and POE. I'll be post one by one since I consider each and every one of them very important on their onw.. So even though they came in the third place, I'd like to introduce you to Mónica Cordera

Mónica Cordera

"Los delirantes pasamos al lado de la muerte y le hacemos un guiño" Mario Benedetti - Vivir adrede

Delirio se llama la colección de Otoño/Invierno 15/16 de Mónica Cordera, que se estrena por primera vez en MFSHOW. Sus diseños son elegantes y sutiles, con unas líneas muy limpias y femeninas, diseños exclusivos, y confecciones sofisticadas. La alta calidad de los tejidos (lanas, algodones, triacetato, tweed y paillettes) y la sobriedad de los colores dominantes dan lugar a una colección combinada entre fantasía y elegancia, donde los pequeños detalles son sello de la firma.

Las transparencias y la línea minimalista que sugiere esta colección provoca una esencial femenina y de tendencia, para una mujer que busca sentirse fuerte y sexy. Plumas y tonos neutros para una mujer trabajadora e independiente. La sigue una línea de noche basada en el raso y el encaje, en tonos oscuros y verdes, llenos de brillos y escotes tanto frontales, como laterales o de espalda.


This collection is called Deliro 

Transparencies and this minimalist line suggest a pure feminine scene for this collection, where women look for being confident and sexy. Feather and neutral colors are directed to a working woman in seek for independence. It's followed by the night collection based on satin and high quality lace, reign by dark and green colors, full of  sparkles of the paillettes and gap spaces - front, back and lateral.

I hope you liked it as much as I did! I'll keep posting the other designers runways as soon as I can!

Disclaimer: All the pictures are taken by Hannah's Heels, please give credits if you're going to use them anyhow.

- Hannah's Heels

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  1. looks and sounds like a great fashion show

  2. Qué suerte que pudiste ir! La verdad es que son unas piezas preciosas! Se nota la delicadeza con la que están hechas!

    Un besazo enorme,

    NL. <3

  3. Uysss algunos escotes o me gustan mucho pero en general es bonita...
    Un beso.


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