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It's finally warming up, even though we have ups and downs, cloudy with heat, sun with cold... Easiest way to be ready for these changes is wearing an off the shoulder top with a thin trench. And we do not only see this trend on tops, we will also see it in dresses, that can be easily combined for street style!

If you need inspiration to how to wear this off the shoulder trend, keep reading! =)

Let's face. In spring and summer, girls like to show off some skin. But instead of falling to the feared short-short-short-shorts that actually show some butt flesh, we bring you a much more wearable trend, easy to pull off and pretty much appropriate for everyone!

The off the shoulder top, or boat neck trend is back on business! You know how I'm a huge fan of the 90's fashion, and the easiest way to catch all the trends back there is going through all the tv shows of the decade. Like Friends or Saved by the Bell, the boat neck trend was on top of them all!

The bare shoulders looks is not new, was a big hit last summer and seems like it's hitting even harder this Spring/Summer 2015. And talking about old times.. Kelly Kapowsi seemed to live in this kind of neck tops! Take a look

One day I'd like to write an entire post about her as an style icon. I really like the youth that she breathes out in her outfits. But anyway.

I personally loved this trend so much because of what the it implies: boho, effortless, feminine, chic, casual... I never really thought of the shoulders as a part of the body to show off, but now that I think about it, it's kind of the sexiest. Doesn't actually show, just suggest, like some mystery.

Crop tops are always on the top 5 of Spring/Summer trends, and every year seems to get more and more heavy. So much that it's mixing up with some other trends like Boat neck. Showing off shoulders and some belly with some high waisted pants or skirt. Easy way to put up with high temperatures.

I can't imagine a better way to pull off the bare shoulders than on a cute dress. Either floral printed, boho white, chic black or navy stripes.. All of it works! I can't wait to find me a dress like this, Perfect for a beach evening, office hours or a walk around the city. Let me know if you see any!

But let's admit it.. When you think of summer and warm weather, the first color that comes to your head is pure white. Relaxed, cool, lady like, edgy and very chic, easy to combine as if with simple jeans or with a cocktail long skirt.

Match it with some jewellery like some thin necklaces or boho pieces.

As a tip, you can let you hair down slightly wavy or pull it up in a messy pony tail/bun like if you just came from the beach. 
Retail chains are actually throwing at us this trend, and soon enough I'll post about where to get the best pieces in the market! So stay tunned =D

Hope you liked it! I loved preparing it because it's a trend for spring/summer that I actually like a lot. Let me know what you think!

- Hannah's Heels

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  1. one of mu fav spring trends
    Pooja Mittal

  2. I loveeee them!! I'm really looking forward to buy one of those! I need one at least ;)



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    Alice Cerea,
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  4. It has been really a trend ever since 'cause of its timeless stylish look ♥

    Please check out my latest post :)

  5. I like this trend, but I think its perfect for ladies with small boobs :D dont need to wear bra :d


    anna from stylelovely.com/mimundonormal

  6. no es una moda que me guste mucho, la verdad, porque implica no llevar sujetador bien puesto y yo con mis grande atributos...jajajaj
    un besito guapisima!!!

  7. no es una moda que me guste mucho, la verdad, porque implica no llevar sujetador bien puesto y yo con mis grande atributos...jajajaj
    un besito guapisima!!!

  8. Me encanta ésta tendencia!
    Un post muy chulo,

  9. I really like this trend :) Great picks!


  10. me gusta mucho esta moda, estabiliza mucho el cuerpo y el cuello!!!*_*

  11. Adoro este estilo de blusas!!!!
    Un beso

  12. Un estilo super bonito, especialmente las blusas y vestidos hippy. Besos guapa

  13. Este es muy bonito y favorecedor. Con la llegada del buen tiempo dan ganas de ponerse tops y vestidos con los hombros descubiertos.

    Besos, buen fin de semana

  14. Gorgeous looks! Your blog is such an inspiration to me.



  15. I love this trend! Still need to score a nice top myself! x

  16. Me gusta, pero no suelo usar mucho esta tendencia. Besos guapa

  17. Amazing post dear!! I really like this trend and my favourite one is the white crop top, I have just found your blog and I love your style so I follow you on GFC. Kisses from

  18. Love that trend! I especially like the second outfit of Miroslava Duma, it's such a cute summer look. Thanks for sharing these inspiring looks and feel free to stop by my blog if you like ;-) xoxo

  19. obsessed with this trend at the moment!

  20. I effing adore this trend and I definitely need to get something like this for summer! Also, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

  21. This is quite hard to pull off for a broad-shouldered girl like me, but I really like this trend! So beautiful!

    XO Imke // www.pastellics.com

  22. Thank you for your comment! Well, owls are my favourite animal and I kinda love nights, so that's why I choose it :p

    Oh, I love this trend so much!:)
    xoxo, Ana ♥

    The Insomniac Owl Blog

  23. Otra tendencia que vuelve y que da mucho juego, como se puede ver en tus imagenes. Unas fotos inspiradoras geniales.

    Un besito.


  24. Love it!

    Please click in the Romwe link on my post!

  25. It looks lovely, I do like this trend too:) Thank you for sharing this inspiring set!
    Have a fabulous time!

  26. Nice expressions! I am a completely fan of yours looks, hair style, dress, footwear and accessories.

  27. It's a great trend! I like it :) Will try in the summer.

    Great post darling)))

    Costa de la Moda

  28. lovely post
    following u on gfc
    I hope u follow back


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