Be feared

Let's re-open the blog again with this simple but real quote "A girl that runs in high heels should be feared". Don't you agree?

High heels give you more confidence, and confidence is the main reason of success! There you go, it's only maths! ,

Well, we've taken a month off to take care of work, master and some other personal projects. But we're back again and we hope we can keep it up!

Let's start with the first summer outfit. I know it doesn't look like it with long pants and a long vest, but I can assure that it's quite fresh for these days.

Pants: H&M  //  Heels: Zara (old)  //  Top: H&M  //  Vest: Zara (now on sales!)  //  Bag: Zara  // Necklace: H&M

Love this kind of long shirt/vest/dress! It's been spreading all over for a month or so and I have to stop myself from getting every single one of them. I'll post about this trend soon enough. You can get this one from Zara, it's now on sales! 19,95€ I think.

Thanks to my dear friend Elena for these pics, I always have an amazing time with her, which it's veeery important for posing, which I'm awful at. But feeling comfortable and of course having fun are defenitely shown on the pics. 

Hope you liked it!

- Hannah's Heels

9 comentarios:

  1. Me encanta el outfit!
    sobretodo los zapatos <3


  2. Hi love,

    It's great to see you are back again. I"ve been busy myself as well, so I know the feeling.
    Nice post! I really like the way the photo's are taken :)

    Lots of love from holland,

  3. Que estilazo, me encanta tu look! Espero que hayas pasado un gran finde! besos!!

    Miriam M. M.

  4. Love your heels !
    I'm following you dear ! Check my blog and if you like it follow me back.


  5. You have nice pair of high heels. I also have seen such type of classy shoes in Sydney, but I do not know that it will look great. Now, I will buy these type of heels as this will suits all my dresses.


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