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Ok ok ! Let's do this! Only good thing about this heat waves is that I get to stay at home and have a little time to update the blog! I have soo much to tell you guys, starting with the men fashion weeks, to new trends for fall/winter 16!

I wanna show you the last things I got in sales this season. I have to say that I don't usually find anything that's worth it, but this time I'm pretty happy with it. I don't really want to upload many pictures in a single post, so I'll try to make a separate posts with these last shopping.

I admit I have a problem with lace wireless bras.. I got these ones from Oysho and a couple more from H&M and Women'Secret. They are absolutely beautiful and look great on! Besides, this pink color was irresistible...

Speaking of Irresistible.. I finally finished my last Valentina perfume so that I could bring myself with an excuse to buy this one. It was my very first perfume and I never really found another one that I can relate so much on.

I also got a little atomizer to carry this Very Irresistible perfume in a small flask on my bag in Sephora. One of my best acquisitions this year!

Oooh yeah, I couldn't find good deals on shoes this year, except for these golden strapy flat sandals. Lots of adjectives, I know.. But they are pretty comfortable and great for the office. Not really sure if I'm keeping them yet though. I just tried them on at the store and I'm not really sure if they are a good match with the hear due to the plastic sole. I'll let you know when I actually try them on.

Oh oh oh.. I've been chasing them for a whiiile and they finally got down  enough for me to be able to afford them... My beloved Roshe Run 5.0 in black <3 Together with the perfume, these are my best present from me to me! Now I can run..... jajajajajajajajajajajajaja...!!!

Starting with dresses.. I got this one from Zara online, I'm just in love with halter necks, which have become really trendy this season (soon on the blog!). The peach color is just lovely but the bare back is the plus that I was waiting for to go for it. So fresh this summer..!

Same happens with this tropical orange dress from Blanco. I have to admit that I barely even look at this store but once in a while you can find good deals. This dress looks just amazing on, and it has an open cut waist that freshens up a lot, which we really appreciate these days.

I think you can find a picture of me wearing it on my instagram, I'll let you know soon!

This last one is from Primark, with a trend that I've been crazy about for a while now, shoulders off. It's very lose on the waist and tight around the hips, which doesn't make me crazy, but the shoulders part looks really pretty. Besides, black is always a plus. I still have to think it through, but it probably will stay in my closet for good.

Well, too many heavy pictures already! I'll make sure part II won't take long. Have an amazing Sunday everyone!

- Hannah's Heels

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  1. Muy chulas tus nuevas compritas!
    un beso


  2. Great pieces! ♥

    Please check out my latest post, too :)


  3. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  4. you got some great items


  5. opss so great pictures and also the article good and thank's for share with us like this article


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